Mutiny on the Bounty captain’s unexpected resting place draws fans

The tomb of Captain William Bligh, who died 200 years ago, has become a central feature of the Garden Museum in London

The inscription on the tomb hails “the celebrated navigator who first transplanted the breadfruit tree from Otaheite to the West Indies” – but makes no mention of the ship on which Captain William Bligh sailed into history when he provoked the mutiny on the Bounty.

The Garden Museum, where Bligh has ended up as the surprising central feature of a courtyard garden overlooked by a cafe, expects pilgrims for this week’s bicentenary of Bligh’s death who have minimal interest in garden history. They will come to visit the grave of a man many believe to have been cruelly caricatured and misrepresented in almost two centuries of ballads, plays and films as the brutal oppressor of Fletcher Christian and the freedom-seeking mutineers.

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