Jimmy Kimmel Rubs Salt in Sean Hannity’s Michael Cohen Wound

Randy Holmes/ABC

Slow news day, huh?

In addition to the fallout from Trump’s Syrian airstrikes, the ongoing Mueller probe into Russian election interference, Trump administration shakeups, and the Stormy Daniels-Trump affair saga (she’s doing The View on Tuesday, by the way), Trump’s embattled lawyer/fixer, Michael Cohen, revealed in court on Monday that his secret third client is none other than Sean Hannity.

The revelation raised a number of questions. Late-night comedian Stephen Colbert posed the question—since Cohen’s other two clients, Trump and former RNC finance chair Elliott Broidy, used Cohen to pay off alleged mistresses—“Who did Sean Hannity have sex with?” CNN’s Anderson Cooper, meanwhile, called out Hannity for criticizing the FBI’s Cohen raid on air and reporting on him a number of times on his Fox News program without disclosing that he was, at least according to Cohen, one of his clients. “Not disclosing a business or legal relationship with someone you report on and have had on as your guest at least 16 times since Donald Trump declared his presidency, that doesn’t sound either fair nor balanced,” Cooper said.

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