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This morning, commenting on a Tweet including a link to a Daily Mirror story about the Nazi propaganda material released by the culture committee yesterday, Arron Banks posted this on Twitter.

Bollocks , more fake news from whining losers.

In her written evidence (pdf) Kaiser suggests that Arron Banks, the Ukip donor and Leave.EU founder, used data from his insurance company for political purposes. She says:

Cambridge Analytica was initially engaged with Arron Banks, Andy Wigmore and Matthew Richardson to design parallel proposals for Leave.EU, GoSkippy/Eldon Insurance and the UK Independence Party. I was asked by Nix and Wheatland to take the lead on contract negotiations. I believe this is because, as upper class Brits, they did not want to front up the deal with him themselves. Banks was excited to discover my background with the Obama campaign.

Over a period of five months, we undertook both meetings and work at the Bristol headquarters of Eldon Insurance, the SCL Group offices in Mayfair, and the Leave.EU London offices in Millbank Tower, as well as a press launch and media engagements. Our work for UKIP/Leave.EU was never reported to the Electoral Commission by the party, the campaign, or our company.

Our position on this is that no customer data was used and nobody has provided any no evidence to the contrary on this.

All this is is political bad blood on the side of the remain campaign. We are happy to work with anyone that wants to look into this and have done so, but no evidence has ever been brought forward.

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