‘Corporate’ Creators Want Fox News to See Its 9/11-Themed Finale

Comedy Central

When the creators and stars of Comedy Central’s Corporate sat down with The Daily Beast back in January, they warned us that their season finale might piss some people off. They weren’t joking.

The final episode of their remarkably funny first season is called “Remember Day.” It imagines a world, not too unlike our own, in which their fictional corporation Hampton DeVille has turned the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks into a national holiday, complete with traditions like serving goose and gifting stuffed red, white, and blue “memory elephants.”

“I would be shocked if there’s no response,” the show’s co-creator and star Jake Weisman tells me. “Honestly, I want Fox News to see it and I want them to get really mad. Because I think that’s the best possible thing for the show. I want Fox News to see the finale and say, ‘This is why America is being destroyed.’”

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