Colbert Shares Trump’s Self-Obsessed Valentine’s Message to Melania

Stephen Colbert’s Late Show is on hiatus this week, but in honor of Valentine’s Day, the show decided to share with the world a very special message of love from President Donald Trump to the first lady.

Using cleverly edited audio of the president, Colbert’s video card zeroes in on the apparent problems in the first couple’s marriage. “Melania, I just wanted to say, from the bottom of my heart, which, by the way is so strong,” Trump says. “Good stamina, unlike Hillary. That’s why she lost the election. Remember that?”

Throughout the video, Trump tries to profess his love for his wife, but keeps getting distracted by the memory of his electoral victory. “You are so beautiful,” he tells Melania. “Just like that beautiful scene on November 8th. Remember that beautiful, beautiful day?”

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