Attack on MQM’s Khawaja Izhar attempt to discredit police, LEAs: Sindh Rangers

The Sindh Rangers, during a press conference on Sunday, shared footage of the September 3 attack on MQM Pakistan leader Khawaja Izharul Hassan, which took place in Karachi’s Buffer Zone area, and said that the attack was a “grave conspiracy to discredit police and law enforcement agencies”.

Addressing the press conference, Col Faisal Arif said that after the attack on Hassan, intelligence-based operations were conducted.

In the footage that was shown, Col Faisal said that one of the attackers was seen wearing a police uniform while other, Sarosh, was seen wearing a T-shirt. He said that at the time of the attack, police were performing their duty at a nearby imambargah and had run out after they heard the firing.

“The policemen were running on foot to catch the attackers,” Col Faisal said, adding that it was discovered that three of the attackers belonged to Ansarul Shariah Pakistan (ASP).

“The attackers had tried to show that the police or the government was involved in the attack on the MQM leader,” he added, terming the attack a “grave conspiracy to discredit the police and law enforcement agencies”.

He said that various intelligence information and evidence regarding the ASP came forward after the incident.

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