‘As Bad as the Comey Firing’: White House Enters Second Week of the Rob Porter ‘Sh*t Show’

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

To work in the Donald Trump White House is to careen from one scandal or self-inflicted catastrophe to the next. But few weeks of this year-old administration have been as fraught as the past seven days, aides say.

Few recall similar levels of chaos engulfing the ranks. What’s worse: multiple senior West Wing officials have conveyed privately to The Daily Beast their fear that the ongoing Rob Porter scandal, and the intense fallout implicating top staffers, will only get worse in the days to come.

“As bad as the Comey firing,” one White House official bluntly assessed, expressing a sentiment shared this week by several senior Trump aides—that the tumult and mismanagement of the past few days is only matched by mayhem kicked off by the sacking of FBI director James Comey in May.

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